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I have been traveling all over Idaho meeting with people almost every day. I have already put 8000 miles on the campaign RV. It has been well worth it! If you would like to host a Meet ‘N’ Greet in your area then let us know. We are also holding Town-Hall Meeting all over the State. Go to the campaign calendar to see if one is coming to your area ( Town-Halls and Meet ‘N’ Greets are being scheduled everyday so keep going to the calendar to see the latest schedule so you can attend one and bring your friends.

Meeting with people is the key to the success we are having. In just a few short months we have changed thousand of people minds and are correcting the narrative. People know that someone with a backbone and strong faith in God must head the seat of government in Idaho or we will soon become another Oregon. Go to see the results of a resent poll among conservative in Idaho. This poll was done among people that in the past have supported Janice McGeachin and Brad Little, now over 64% support the Bundy Campaign. Other independent polls have shown similar results. Idahoans are waking up!

One of our last events was in my hometown in Emmett where I registered to vote as a Republican along with approximately 40 other Idahoans. Go to video to hear my story of why I had not registered to vote until Saturday. You may be surprised and it also may help you to better understand the reason I am running for Governor of Idaho.

A special thanks to everyone that has been helping with this campaign. I could not list them all here but want you to know that I love you and am grateful for your time and sacrifice.

Thank you,

P.S. We are looking for more people to host Meet ‘N’ Greets and Town-Halls. We will help you promote and organize it. They are actually not that hard to organize. Find a place, set a time and let your friends, family and neighbors know. We will also promote the event on our end. Meet ‘N’ Greets are usually a little more private and Town-Halls are more open to the public. Either way we will come and your friends and family will leave knowing who they should support. Go to to contact us!

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