CNN Media Coordinator states ‘Zucker insists Tapper press Kellyanne Conway, “just f**king nail her”

In a new clip that we released today, CNN Media Coordinator, Christian Sierra, recounts a story about Jeff Zucker, stating:  “Jeff Zucker goes into the control room while Jake Tapper is interviewing Kellyanne Conway…” Sierra says Zucker orders Tapper: “Keep going, keep going, keep going!” and tells the Executive Producer to skip commercials, extend 7-minute interview to 25 minutes… Sierra on Zucker’s control room command: “Just f**king nail her!” Zucker personally ordered CNN host Jake Tapper to press Kellyanne Conway in a live TV interview. More tapes coming soon: Become an insider: Support our work: CNN Insider Cary Poarch GoFundMe: Newsletter:… Website: Facebook: Twitter: Buy James O’Keefe’s book:

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