Coming Out of Rock Bottom


Have you ever hit rock bottom? Maybe it was from an addiction, extreme anxiety, loss of everything you own, or tragedies piling up where you just felt like you couldn’t go on. You knew things had to change. You had to take control of your life, your choices, and move into action to forever change that which no longer served you. What we are experiencing is a global rock bottom put into effect by a plandemic. We are all experiencing it simultaneously, only we have been made to feel powerless. How do we pull out of rock bottom to emerge on top? What does that even look like?

They have tried to take away our unity, our support system, our human nature of bonding with others to help lift our spirit. They took away our churches, support groups, and community events. Some have even taken away health stores, food seed, and other necessities they deem as “non-essential.” They removed it all, and they did so intentionally. How do you break one’s spirit? How do you attempt to build a co-dependent culture? You put them in a state of fear and isolation and you break them down as you remove every element of independence and every necessity they require for survival, leaving them only with food, and a roof over their head – if they’re lucky. 

They make you feel trapped, caged, much like being in a prison, only without work duty. Sure, you’re in the luxury of your own home, and if you are lucky, you can still venture out into nature, but the psychology of it all is still the same mind game. Meanwhile, they’ve released hundreds of prisoners under the guise of being under threat of contracting the virus. Ludicrous. They even released Michael Avenatti – that’s what happens when you use stolen money to buy a good attorney.

By recognizing this is psychological and spiritual warfare, that is the first step to pulling out of rock bottom. Do not let them break your spirit. Think back to a time you hit rock bottom, felt in despair, knowing you had to make changes to move forward in life. Only this time, the changes not only need to be made within each individual to reconcile the sacrificing of their rights and freedoms for decades to the powers that be, this time we are all in it together. Even though we reside in our own little corners, we still have means to communicate, and some are taking to the streets and protesting, while others are working on their business plans for a new venture. Through creative outlets, many have found incredible talents they didn’t realize they had.  Whereas some locations are going to be met with more resistance for breaking the false mold of the “new normal,” others can push the barriers to resume life in a manner they see fit.

This “new normal,” they
keep seeding people’s minds with should be the “new” changes we all wish to
manifest, NOT the propaganda fear tactics they would like to instill. We set
the path, not them. We have spent years working toward this, and we will come
through this darkness together. We have built momentum, and that momentum will

My good friend John Paul
Rice and I discussed where we are at right now, how we see some things changing
and evolving, and the momentum we need to maintain moving forward. We will
likely have more discussions that will involve positive momentum moving forward,
in the near future. Please give a listen.

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