COVID-19 Vaccine “Warp Speed” Architect Endorses Joe Biden for President

James Greenwood, former congressman and president of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization

For all of the media’s criticism of President Trump for “Operation Warp Speed” – the federal initiative to develop a COVID-19 vaccine in record time – they negate that its architect just endorsed Joe Biden for president. For 12 years, James Greenwood was a Republican Congressman representing a district in Pennsylvania. He then left office through the revolving door into industry, becoming president of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) for the last 15 years. Just before leaving that job, he called the former head of GlaxoSmithKline’s vaccine division and offered him the new job as commander of “Operation Warp Speed.” That vaccine insider, Moncef Slaoui, accepted Greenwood’s offer.

Months later in a blistering op-ed published in a local newspaper during the Republican National Convention, Greenwood attacked President Trump’s “erratic and unconscionable behavior.” By contrast, Greenwood argued, Joe Biden “will unite us through compromise and pragmatic problem-solving.” In other words, Joe Biden is someone who Washington insiders like James Greenwood can easily control. A re-elected President Trump is not.

Also remarkable about Greenwood’s op-ed is his shifting of blame on President Trump for the country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet the Secretary of Health and Human Services was a board member of Greenwood’s lobbying group before his appointment to President Trump’s Cabinet. When Secretary Azar was confirmed to his post, the confirmation was personally praised by Greenwood. He then named a number of reasons for why Azar was a good fit for the role, none of which involved preparing for a pandemic. The person now running the federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic was the Global AIDS Coordinator for the State Department.

Absent from Greenwood’s op-ed was any concern about the speed with which a COVID-19 vaccine was being developed, however. Perhaps that is because Joe Biden will actually accelerate the already hastened development of vaccines.

What more do you expect from a candidate whose running mate enthusiastically stripped Californians of their vaccine exemptions? All those critics of President Trump who claim to be concerned about the speed with which the vaccine is being developed don’t care about vaccine safety at all. Their real fear is President Trump getting re-elected, as they’ve said themselves. Watch their “concern” about vaccine safety end after November 3.

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