Craig Egan's Pro-Vax World Tour #Namaste #FAIL


This drunk guy put up a gofundme page and actually raised over $7000 to go on tour trolling the Vaxxed tour bus. And it appears he may be drinking all the money. Literally! "Namaste, bro!"✌️

Despite what you think of Vaxxed the movie or "anti-vaxxers" in general, the Vaxxed bus represents something much different than a CDC coverup or people who refuse to vaccinate. The bus is where people with vaccine injuries and their families have been coming to share their experiences of permanent injury or death.

These people all listened to their doctors and vaccinated their children as they were told. The documentary resonates with them for obvious reasons.

There are currently over 5500 interviews of victims or their families from across the country that were conducted on that bus and published to YouTube. You can find the entire archive of them organized by state, posted at and

It's alarming how many people have gone out of their way to have their voices heard and to take the time to schedule one of these heartbreaking interviews to share their experiences on film. Some of the victims are severely disabled and go through great inconveniences to travel to these interviews. You have to wonder how many more victims there are out there considering most severely disabled or people who need 24 hour care would not be able to travel to these.

Vaccine advocates often claim injuries are "1 in a million" and so rare it could never happen to you. With approximately only 320 million people in the U.S. that figure doesn't even come close to the amount of people who are now documented on video. Based on that claim there should only be approximately 320 people in the U.S. with injuries like this. They have over 5500+ interviews on film of victims with 1st hand accounts.

Something is tragically wrong with this and I defend their efforts to have the truth be heard no matter what effort is made to stop them from speaking out. Anything you try to do to hide this tragedy will backfire on you as it is for Craig's donors.

These are victims. The bus represents their voices and their names (all signed right on the bus in white permanent).

The idea that this alcoholic would want to raise money so he could follow these victims around in his Prius to troll victims is bad enough, but the fact that a Professor of Law at UC Hastings College of Law and a past president of the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics would donate their money to this stunt is an absolute atrocity.

Alcoholic Craig is the cousin of a well known vaccine advocate who's an "american professor in psychology with a background in the diagnosis and treatment of adult mental disorders, cognitive psychology, life-span development, and neuroscience." Based on her background I would assume there's an extremely low possibility that she didn't know about Craig's alcoholism. She's helped promote the campaign and was one of the first few to donate to it.

Why not just go-fund an intelligent doctor who's capable of actually forming a coherent argument to "dispel misinformation" and debate the doctor on board of the Vaxxed tour bus, Suzanne Humphries MD, if that's what they really intended? The only thing so far to be dispelled on this "Pro Vax World Tour" has been all of Craig's booze. It will only be a matter of time before he needs more money.

Vax Pushers are really stooping to new lows with this guy.

This type of behavior and treatment of victims needs to be publicly shamed and ultimately dispelled from society. It's really just sickening.

So many other things that $7,000 could have gone toward helping people but it's been wasted on his guy's alcoholism and despicable behavior.

Here's his go fund me:

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