DC Metro has spent $3.8 million and 5 years building 2 bike racks. They’re still unfinished.


4 million for BIKE RACKS. These stops don’t need bike racks, they need parking. We can tell you firsthand. But what would a new parking lot cost? A $billion?

(From WJLA)

Metro has spent $3.8 million and taken five years to build two unfinished bike racks – at East Falls Church and Vienna Metro Stations.

WMATA originally budgeted $600,000 for each rack, but the price tag has soared to $1.9 million each.

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Reprinted from: https://www.ac2news.com/2020/02/dc-metro-has-spent-3-8-million-and-5-years-building-2-bike-racks-theyre-still-unfinished/

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