WHO SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR? Dianne Feinstein or Kevin De Leon

California voters have to decide.

Dianne Feinstein or Kevin De Leon?

What kind of choice is that?!

Gary Gileno strongly suggests voting for Feinstein in this situation and here’s why:

You vote for Dianne Feinstein and you tell everyone you know to do the same. If Kevin De Leon wins that seat, he is going to challenge Trump in 2020 for the white house. The media is going to brand him as the Latino Obama. Also, Kevin De Leon did not retain his state senate seat so after he loses to Feinstein he will be completely out of politics which means we get to kill his presidential aspirations before they even start. Feinstein will die in office and if John Cox wins governor he can appoint a Republican to fill Feinstein’s seat.Gary Gileno @grindall61

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