Dig It! #68: "The Big Guy" and Lots More!


This week was explosive! We covered you know what about "The Big Guy" and the little guy in detail while clearing up some confusion as well, Maxwell deposition drop, the Tube censorship that won’t allow us to use specific words or we max get the axe, plus H1veM1nd’s recent podcasts and Corey’s recent articles, and more!

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Raw & Uncut 60 Minute Trump Interview Released

Birds Falling From The Sky By The Hundreds of Thousands? – by Corey’s Digs

Censorship vs. Great Awakening – by H1veM1nd

SAS Legend Gives Preppers Food For Thought – by Corey’s Digs

Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition Unsealed

Down The Tube: Take A Stand With Fallen Patriot Accounts – by Corey’s Digs
*Links to all of your favorites who endured the Tube purge

Hunter B. x-associate Tony B. Press Conference

Note: There are endless amounts of H.B. and J.B. articles on evidenced dropped, that there are too many to list here. Listen to the podcast for the groups who have the evidence and are putting the information out. Follow their websites and podcasts.

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