Dig It! #82: Laws, Lawlessness, and Legislation


This is a week of laws and lawlessness. While they attempt to legislate away our 2nd amendment, remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees, and assure everyone to continue wearing masks and social distancing because the "vaccine" won’t prevent you from getting Covid, FL Gov. DeSantis is taking a new approach to Big Tech censorship via legislation, and the AZ Senate is threatening arrests of the Maricopa County Board. And, let’s not forget the stock market battle. Resource links below.

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H.R.127 – Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act

Who Will Dare East from The Tree of For-Biden Fruit?, by Corey’s Digs

Clear Your Mind and Recalibrate, by Corey’s Digs

The Game is Rigged, by H1veM1nd

FL Gov. Ron DeSantis – Proposed Legislation on Big Tech

AZ Senate threatens to arrest Maricopa County Board

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