Does ethanol cause more harm than it’s worth?

A Watercolor Illustration of a Hummer Parked Beside a Corn Field and Uncle Sam Catching a Drop of Ethanol in a Gas Can from a Large Funnel Containing a Large Amount of Corn

Yes, probably. Any gearhead can tell you that. But it’s not just the long term destruction of engines that’s the issue. Ethanol, once touted as a “renewable,” environmentally friendly energy source is not in fact environmentally friendly.

But the farmers in Iowa love their government subsidized corn ethanol programs and Iowa has the first presidential caucuses. So King Corn continues his reign and likely will continue to.

(From The Library of Economics and Liberty)

Ethanol loves water and soaks it up from its environment, so it can’t be shipped in long-distance pipelines with gasoline, because the water will corrode the piping and pumping machinery….

Consequently, it has to be transported in trucks at a higher cost and mixed with the gasoline near the end-use consumer market.

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