Doing This Wrong…DESTROYS Your Handgun…


Nobody talks about how doing this one thing wrong can DESTROY you handgun’s slide and make it pretty much unusable.

I’ve been testing the Lead Star Arms Grunt AR-15 for the past couple of months and it has surprised me it quite a few ways. Could this affordable AR-15, be the best ar-15 for the money?

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Today we’re talking about mounting a red dot on a pistol or handgun. Although it seems quite simple mounting a red dot incorrectly can ruin you Glock Slide.

If you’re a fan of guns reviews, Custom AR-15’s, AR Pistols, Concealed Carry, or even Everyday Carry then you might like this channel.

Maybe you’re a fan of Demolition Ranch, Kentucky Ballistics, Brandon Herrera, or Garand Thumb. I’m a huge fan myself. If that’s the case I must warn you. I’m not that entertaining and I don’t care about "How deep into dirt will it go?" nor do I care about "Is titanium bullet proof?"

Perhaps you’re an AR Guys vs AK Guys, personally I like both. Or maybe your a fan of "Worst Internet Gun Fails" The Darwin Awards.

There also might be a chance you like seeing videos like "My 50 Cal Exploded" or "50BMG vs Atlas Stone". Heck yeah me too.

Although they’re awesome, those types of videos aren’t my style.
At the end of the day, my goal is to give you straight up gun reviews for self defense and show you what works and what doesn’t plain and simple.

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This video was filmed on a Land Management Shooting Area "Outdoor Range" with Safety in Mind. There are no explanations or directions on how to perform any modifications. And is used with a non modified semi automatic firearm This video abides by the Advertiser Friendly Guidelines, and the YouTube Community Guidelines.

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