It’s official: you can get sick after the vaccine

They called them “Vaccine-breakthrough infections” (VBI), are Sars-Cov-2 infections that occur after completing the vaccine cycle. The study involves people who made mRNA vaccines.

All people who have become infected and sick after full vaccination they had high levels of antibodies in the blood, so they were to be considered immune.

The antibodies, although present in quantity, did not, however, prevent the disease in 24 military and health workers out of a total of 1547 infected, many of the study participants. Zero protection against both the original strain of the virus and the variants.

Here study. The magazine is authoritative but is not the only one to talk about it, confirms the epidemiologist Stefano Petti.

 Fortunately it seems like a few 24 people out of 1547.

 “This is about 1% of Covid cases monitored in the study. We are talking about a small percentage among the military and health workers followed, (average age 38 years), which however was also very contagious (some did not develop symptoms, they were asymptomatic): they had a large amount of virus in the oropharynx. The researchers also tell us that each of them has always maintained a safe distance from their interlocutors of at least two meters.”

 Some were asymptomatic but others had, on average, symptoms for a week. Someone had the disease in severe form. No one was hospitalized.

“What emerges is that 1% of infections it occurs in fully vaccinated subjects with proven production of antibodies that also concern the same type of virus against which you have been vaccinated, and not only variants against which you may think you are not protected. Thus, those who contract the infection and are contagious, can infect both the unvaccinated and the vaccinated. Two other American studies confirm that vaccinated who get sick contract both the variants and the original virus.” Click here e here.”

Why not talk about the infections that affect the vaccinated ? Yet it would be relevant given the hypothesis of launching a Green Pass…

“The discussion emerges from scientific journals. VBI is demonstrated by data from around the world, not only in the US, but also in Canada, Great Britain and Israel, clicked here. This other work tells us that in a Canadian RSA the infected vaccinated were more than the unvaccinated infected, click here. (Here instead the situation on board the HMS Queen Elisabeth, 100 staff members were infected, vaccinated with double dose).

The novelty, however, does not consist in the fact that those who are vaccinated can get sick with Covid-19, the same clinical trials on vaccines show that the protection conferred by the vaccine is never on 100% of vaccinated, but on 60%, 70% up to more than 90%. The novelty is that until now we thought that this percentage of people vaccinated could become infected for two possible reasons, either because they did not produce adequate amounts of antibodies despite the vaccination, or because they came into contact with a variant not covered by the vaccine. The novelty here is that the study has shown that one can become infected both by producing the antibodies in large quantities, and against the virus with which the vaccine was produced”.

If this vaccine only protects against the severe symptoms of the disease and not from infection will you never get to herd immunity?

“It’s hard to get to herd immunity. Those who vaccinate are less likely to get sick but he can’t protect others. Reprising the words of Nicky Phllips on Still life of last February ‘the total elimination of the virus from the face of the Earth is just a wonderful dream’. Already at the time, 89% of scientists believed that this was unlikely to happen. According to 71% the cause of the lack of herd immunity could not have been the refusal of vaccination but, in fact, the lack of immunity”.

These considerations should invite us to rethink what we naively believed to date regarding the achievement of herd immunity, and how mRNA vaccines work. The need to vaccinate certain categories compulsorily lapses”.


This makes a tool like the Green Pass that is being discussed in these hours null. Not only that, the passing could generate a false sense of security, promoting the circulation of the virus. 

The real danger

If from scientific data it is emerging that vaccines do not stop the transmission of the virus, Why are the states demanding to revoke the natural rights?

Read the excellent reflection of Vittorio Macioce, (here) that all students (and our politicians) should know and deepen: human rights come before social pacts, laws, passports. They are inalienable, they are not decided and certified by any state.




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