Elizabeth Warren Hires Lobbyist One Day After Releasing Plan Calling Lobbying ‘Legalized Bribery’


Ms. Warren wouldn’t be disingenous would she?
(From The Daily Caller)
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren hired a Planned Parenthood lobbyist to a key role in her presidential campaign Tuesday, just one day after Warren announced a plan that would “end lobbying as we know it.”Warren unveiled an anti-corruption plan Monday that would introduce a “cooling off” period for lobbyists before they can serve in government roles and would prohibit active lobbyists from donating to political campaigns, a practice Warren called “legalized bribery.”

Reprinted from: https://www.ac2news.com/2019/09/elizabeth-warren-hires-lobbyist-one-day-after-releasing-plan-calling-lobbying-legalized-bribery/

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