End All Mandates


Gavin Newsom is asking a Court of Appeals to remove the mandate for a union that gave him $1.75 million. At least now we know his exact price.

Instead of a mandate in this case, Newsom insists “educational resources” and “access to clinicians” are enough. As the union explained, “The key word is ‘encourage’ — not ‘mandate.’”

I am demanding Newsom end every other mandate immediately. If it isn’t needed for his biggest donors, it isn’t needed for schoolchildren or the workers leaving their posts in droves.

The Babylon Bee, a satire publication, summed up the absurd reality: “Kids Form Union and Donate Millions to Newsom” to avoid the mandate.

At every turn, Newsom has let Special Interests dictate COVID policy. They shut down our schools, they bought their way out of lockdowns, and they’re buying their way out of mandates.

One of those Special Interests, the SEUI union, gave $6 million to Newsom’s anti-Recall campaign. Yesterday, SEIU’s leader was arrested for embezzlement, fraud, and other felonies. 

The Sacramento Swamp is the grimiest in America. And Gavin Newsom has brought it to new levels of corruption and perversity. But Californians are fighting back like never before as our movement continues to grow.

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