Ep. 478: Thaddeus Russell vs. Academic Conformism – Part One – Beyond Black and White


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Historian and Professor Thaddeus Russell returns. And unloads.

What’s new?
Thaddeus has laun…

Historian and Professor Thaddeus Russell returns. And unloads.

What’s new?
Thaddeus has launched the first phase of his Renegade University.

The Effects of Intellectual Conformism:
– Manichaeism in the minds of academics
– Charles Murray and Middlebury College
– Tucker Carlson owns college professors

– Donald Trump’s world and how the left gave it to him (fragility vs. repression)
– Tangent: Richard Spencer

Why and how Thad’s thinking has changed:
– Thad’s conflicts with left libertarians
– vertical (knowledge) vs. horizontal (overwhelm) information
– shifting definitions and connotations
– Policing Is Racially Biased? Thad’s commentary on the debate

– what I’ve learned from sheltered college professors
– media manipulation of race issues, and the real issues they’ll never discuss
– the history of mass incarceration
– Thad’s Article: "Don’t Like Militarized Police and Mass Incarceration? Blame Progressivism."
– my impulse to uncover secret plots and deceptions
– feeling pleasure in anger
– resist empathy in politics?
– paternalism in college culture

Look Closer:
Thaddeus Russell’s Site – www.thaddeusrussell.com

Previous School Sucks Show With Thaddeus Russell – http://schoolsucksproject.com/category/podcast/a-renegade-history-course-with-thaddeus-russell/

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