Ep. 506: Emily Hirsh – Financial Freedom At 22 (instead of a college degree)


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Today’s guest is among the increasing number of bright young people who have come to view the tra…

Today’s guest is among the increasing number of bright young people who have come to view the traditional college path as an opportunity cost. Emily Hirsh opted out of college at age 19 to pursue her online business full time. Just three years later, Emily has built multiple six-figure-a-year ventures.

In addition to running Virtual Assistant Academy and KettlebellMovement.com, Emily works as a Sales Funnel Strategist helping entrepreneurs to grow their business and generate revenue and leads using sales funnels and Facebook Ads. As a very busy young mother, she also actively promotes the freedom of working from home and controlling your schedule. Learn more about Emily’s work at emilyhirsh.com.

She joins me today to discuss
– dealing with the pressure to stay in college
– our differences and what they mean
– is the entrepreneurial drive something you either have or don’t have?
– goal-setting and business plans
– confronting feelings of overwhelm
– time management and block scheduling
– finding the right business and life partner
– Emily’s thoughts on the current state of higher education

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