Ep. 5792 – Kyle Anzalone on Washington’s Incompetent Imperialism – 10/27/22

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Kyle Anzalone joins Scott this week on Antiwar Radio to provide a quick insight into the status of the American empire’s foreign adventurism. They first look to North Korea, where the Biden administration has reversed Trump’s policy of de-escalation and is instead undertaking nuclear brinksmanship for no good reason. Next, they turn to Taiwan and examine the push in Congress to abandon the stable status quo. They then look to Iran where the JCPOA is dead and Washington ineptly drives its enemies together in pursuit of world hegemony. They talk briefly about Yemen where the humanitarian crisis is picking back up post-ceasefire. Finally, they look to Ukraine where both sides are gearing up for a battle over the southern city of Kherson.


Source: https://odysee.com/ep.-5792-kyle-anzalone-on-washington%E2%80%99s:7408ce036ee1b53a36ac292c8e9eb9a9d770c0d4

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