Ep. 95 – The Cheapening of the Holocaust


During this week’s Fireside Chat, Dennis discusses Trump’s widely misrepresented words, “Very Fine People.” What did Trump mean when he said that? Does he think Nazis are very fine people? Is Trump himself a Nazi? The left is very good at denying the reality of America and manufacturing hysteria where there is none.

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• The Left Manufactures Hysteria
• Cheapening of the Holocaust
• The Charlottesville Lie, Five Minute Video: https://bit.ly/2Tc6P2S
• Actions Matter, Not Thoughts
• A Happy Leftist Is An Oxymoron

0:00 Pre-Fireside Broadcast
0:24 Dennis Loves Wedding Bands
2:35 The Left Manufactures Hysteria
4:08 Meaning Through Politics, Not Marriage
5:33 Cheapening Of The Holocaust
6:56 The Charlottesville Lie
9:00 Why Trump Can’t Be A Nazi
11:01 The “PragerU Lies” Video
13:50 Denying Reality Of America
14:30 Actions Matter, Not Thoughts
18:12 Nazis Are Irrelevant
19:24 American Pioneering Spirit
21:39 A Happy Leftist Is An Oxymoron
23:58 Dennis Has No Opinion On…
27:00 Dennis Has No Desire For The Beach
28:56 How To Prove Trump Isn’t Racist
32:44 Thank You For Being Here

Original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HD6RqgLuBaY

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