Ep. 99 – PragerU: "Not a Real University"


In this week’s Fireside Chat, Dennis addresses the Los Angeles Times’s critiques of PragerU. Two popular criticisms: that PragerU "indoctrinates” viewers and PragerU "is not a real university.” Later Dennis explains why objecting to President Trump’s tweets is not a good reason for discounting his leadership.

• Dennis on the LA Times front page: https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2019-08-22/dennis-prager-university-conservative-internet-sensation
• We Don’t Claim to be Accredited
• Trump Does Good Despite No Filter
• What Era Would Dennis Live In
• Break A Procrastination Habit
• Dennis’s Thoughts On Swearing

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0:00 Hello Y’all
0:46 The Human–Dog Relationship
2:21 Dennis On The LA Times Front Page
4:22 The Claim: “PragerU Indoctrinates”
6:22 The Claim: “Not A Real University”
7:47 We Don’t Claim To Be Accredited
11:28 Trump: “If They Don’t Like It Here…”
12:43 Trump Does Good Despite No Filter
16:32 What Era Would Dennis Live In?
17:41 The Soothing Snores Of Otto
18:06 Dennis Admires His Parents’ Era
19:37 Cigar Smoke Ring
20:44 Respecting Elders
23:21 How To Break A Procrastination Habit
28:47 Dennis’s Thoughts On Swearing
30:58 Dennis Visited Angola State Prison
33:03 Our Time Is Up

Original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osJmkSZEmS4

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