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We’re cuttin’ promos now!

(Paid for by patrons, Released 2/4/18, Show: 1:45:00, Promo: 0:14:00…

We’re cuttin’ promos now!

(Paid for by patrons, Released 2/4/18, Show: 1:45:00, Promo: 0:14:00)
Twenty-two-year-old Danny McCarthy showed up at A Weekend With Thaddeus Russell in August and impressed a lot of people. He had traveled to Salem, MA from Cleveland. Then he and his girlfriend Alice camped three miles away from the event. His story brought Thad to tears.

The experience left me wanting to learn more about him. He worked in a pizza parlor. He didn’t go to college. He was extremely intelligent and well-read. On October 26th in Columbus Ohio, I got a chance to sit down with Danny, along with Alice, Alex Bell and Drew Sample. And I learned a lot.

In the intro I said he was "21 or 22." That was unacceptable.

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