Ethan Lindenberger Claims Insight of Fraud Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig

Teenage propaganda prop Ethan Lindenberger has now tweeted a piece by the college grudge-holding and fake econ-studying socialist Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig. So Autism Investigated responded by enlightening Lindenberger as to what a fake and phony she is. In his response to Autism Investigated, Lindenberger revealed that he did not like being criticized by Autism Investigated. Specifically, he did not like being reminded how he shared a meme that depicted parents like his of putting their child in an oven.

How funny for Lindenberger to lecture Autism Investigated about Bruenig’s motives when he never went to college with her or even met her, unlike Autism Investigated’s editor. Bruenig’s first article defending vaccines was as a college sophomore attacking the editor’s invited campus speaker. She never even attended the talk. Similarly, there is no indication she attended either recent congressional hearing about vaccines including the Senate hearing Lindenberger spoke at.

Yet she’s now an assistant section editor of The Washington Post of all places. It couldn’t have been hard for her to have gotten a press pass. If Autism Investigated were still based in Washington, Autism Investigated would have been at the hearings and seen Lindenberger speak. Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig didn’t even bother to show up.

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