Adverse events and vaccines, now it recognizes the causal relationship

The relationship of vaccines as soon as popularized by the health ministry reports the reports received in 2017, related to the vaccinations performed in the past years. It is a large volume of 140 pages, which you can find here. The novelty is that, for the first time, is allowed the responsibility of vaccinations in causing a large proportion of serious adverse events.

It had never happened before.

In fact, as you can hear from the statements of the experts in the attached video (kindly produced by the infettivologo Fabio Franch(i) adverse events were attributed to the vaccines if not in very rare cases, “because vaccines are very certain”. The teachers interviewed acknowledged that, rarely, these bites can cause an anaphylactic reaction (a kind of allergic reaction as possible after any medication and treat it with an injection of adrenaline), but it is “a case in a million”, or “two million”.

But no.

Is Aifa that belies the professors. It is Rather that, in examining the reports received from the doctors and the citizens, and assigns each a value: a non-serious, serious, correlated, non-correlated. Not only. It also tells us if the adverse event has resolved or is still in the way of resolution. On this last point, however, the health ministry lacks clarity: does not specify the nature of the adverse events “resolution”. Neither of the cases “is still not healed,” neither of those classified as “resolution with a hangover”.

It is not about numbers very small. Therefore, since there is no mention of an anaphylactic shock in a million” and saw that babies face multiple vaccinations from 60 days to life, in a Country with no outbreaks, in the respect of the hygienic standards – it is legitimate to expect a clear risk-benefit ratio.


Arrived 6.696 reports, these euros 4,822 were rallying in 2017. 80% of the recommendations is estimated to be not serious. Of the 20% considered serious (1.307) is attributable to the vaccination of a percentage variable from vaccine to vaccine (from 52% to 76%).

Of the serious cases related to vaccines in the percentages that you just gave, (see attached table), the 59,4% it was resolved, 14.5% (190) is not yet healed, the 11.6% improvement (152), 9.8 % (128) do not know anything; only 3.9% (51) is solved with the aftermath. Then there are 10 died, 8 not shown to be linked to vaccines, and 2 “undetermined”.

But the details of these situations – which also would affect families – is not clarified. As they can last for a high fever or a fainting? From what 190 children are not yet healed? And from what 152 are improving? And as never have been tracked down 128 of which nothing is known? Finally, what are the consequences for 51 of them?

Adverse events related to vaccines in the numbers.

Given the amount of data, we will focus on the numbers of adverse events related to vaccines but vaccines are less used (hepatitis, yellow fever, rotavirus).

Chromium: about 125 severe reactions, 90 are correlated.

Dtap (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough): on 25 severe reactions, 12 are correlated.

Tetravalent (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio): 29 serious reactions, 22 are correlated.

Pneumococcal: 123 on severe reactions, 83 correlated.

Meningococcal C and B: on 295 severe reactions, 218 may be correlated.

Quadrivalente (measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella (chicken pox) and trivalent (without chicken pox): 258 severe reactions, 198 may be correlated.

Anti-papilloma virus: of 13 severe reactions, 8 linkable.

One in a million?

As estimated by the defect, there are 631 cases important to relate to vaccines insurgents or inserted in 2017. If mathematics is not an opinion, and if we keep good the declarations of the experts (who are also the only ones qualified to talk about vaccines, since those who expressed doubt has been terminated) and that the severe cases are “one in a million” means that in Italy we would have 631 million children! Clearly something is not right and, in view of the ease of mathematical operation, the includes anyone.

Adverse events related to vaccines in detail.

The second table attached explains what are the 12 serious adverse events most frequent in respect of which there was established a correlation. We asked Fabio Francs to look at it: “this is a table that is perplexing – says the doctor – For example, the fact that the fever over 38° C – by itself – is considered to be serious or hospitalization, in fact, is a sign present in 80% of the vaccinated. The same for the drowsiness and of itself, is strange. A sleepiness that will last months and months? And what about the crying/irritability? We’ve always held a “normal” reaction from the vaccine, lasting a few hours, maximum few days. We are asked whether there are other and more challenging pathologies related to these cases, are not yet resolved in the year following their onset…”

The mysteries of bugiardini.

Aifa declares of recognition of some of the correlations of adverse events because the same are mentioned as possible in the technical data sheets (bugiardini) of vaccines. Cases adverse would have occurred during the studies of approval. Surprising, therefore, that both the package insert of the vaccine antimeningococco B Bexsero is that of’antipapilloma virus Gardasil, to report the percentages of serious adverse events stood at 2.1 per hundred vaccinated. Click here and here.

What leaves of stucco is that in the vaccines to Italian bugiardini cite percentages of serious adverse events very low. Not only. We read that in other Countries the antimeningocco B is recommended from 10 years of age and not three months as in Italy.

In summary: for the 30% of the cases of adverse effects (i.e. 392) there has been no resolution-not even three months after the end of 2017. Of these 392 a percentage that goes from 52% to 76%, depending on the vaccine, is related to the vaccinations.

What suffering of children who are not yet healed? And how come i bugiardini vaccines change the percentage of serious adverse events depending on the Country? We will help the minister Giulia Grillo know?

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