‘Everything Has Been Criminalized,’ Says Neil Gorsuch as He Pushes for Stronger Fourth Amendment Protections


He is not being facetious.

The question in front of the Court is whether police can enter a home without a warrant in pursuit of a suspect.

(From Reason)

“We live in a world in which everything has been criminalized. And some professors have even opined that there’s not an American alive who hasn’t committed a felony in some—under some state law,”… “And in a world like that, why doesn’t it make sense to retreat back to the original meaning of the Fourth Amendment, which I’m going to oversimplify, but generally says that you get to go into a home without a warrant if the officer sees a violent action or something that’s likely to lead to imminent violence…”

But absent such (potential) violence the officer may not enter the home. Misdemeanors would not justify such an intrusion.

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This article was originally posted here: https://www.ac2news.com/2021/02/everything-has-been-criminalized-says-neil-gorsuch-as-he-pushes-for-stronger-fourth-amendment-protections/.

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