FDA Ties Fetal Organ Harvesting To Vaccines Development!


HORROR! Biden FDA admits and defends use of fetal organs of unborn human beings killed through abortion used for vaccine development! From the Daily Caller News Foundation:
In a…statement to the DCNF, the FDA did not deny purchasing the unborn baby body parts and downplayed its use of human fetal tissue, saying it was only used in situations “critical to understanding the safety of drugs and vaccines and in which it couldn’t be feasibly achieved through another means.”
“So now the Biden FDA is defending chopping up the parts of unborn human beings to create vaccines,” Fitton said to the DCNF. “Is that their position?”
“What they don’t tell you,” he continued, “is that the funding was cut off under Trump. And it was announced earlier this year by the Biden administration that the spigot was going to be turned back on again.”
“There are few Americans who would support chopping up the remains of unborn human beings for scientific research, using their organs, selling their heads for whatever Frankenstein experiments, the FDA and their researchers want to cook up,” Fitton said told the DCNF. “It’s barbarism. There should be a criminal investigation to figure out whether the laws against profiteering for fetal organ trafficking were violated as a court suggested they may have been.”

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Original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUbSNbS51hE

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