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Today it doesn’t take much to find and attend a Halloween party. But the sad part is that a lot of us do not realize that Halloween [ Halloween Horror Nights ] is not all about mocking the spirits by looking scary

So, this is something you can keep in mind this year when you search for a Halloween party. Remember that Halloween is all about remembering our loved and lost ones and so let this be your focus when you look for a Halloween party. 

That said, we shall look at some of the fun things (apart from dressing up like ghosts) that you can do with your family to celebrate Halloween today. 

Celebrate Halloween | Halloween Celebration

Native American have a happier way of celebrating Halloween. For them, this is a day for the entire family to come together in a reunion, remembering their loved ones over a traditional meal of tacos, tequila, and some conjunto music. 

For them, this is more of a time of thanksgiving in anticipation of the harvest and all the bounties that are showered down on them in this season. 

Now, that’s one meaningful way to celebrate Halloween, isn’t it? Well, you don’t have to be Native American to Halloween Celebration like this. 

A Halloween At Disney World | Disney Halloween Party

So, planning to spend your Halloween showing your kids Disney world, are you? Well, Disney is a fun place to spend Halloween. 

The characters are not so scary and are only decked up for the spirit of the day. This is any day better than introducing your innocent little ones to spooky horror characters at a scary Halloween party. 

Here you just have the theme park modified to set the mood, along with some giant pumpkins to create a little fall wonderland and little spooky rides that are not too spooky.

Halloween Horror Nights | Universal Horror Nights

A classic Halloween Horror Nights is not hard to find and so we are not here to give you a list but a word of caution. 

If you are attending a Halloween Horror Nights for the first time, make sure you leave the kids back home for this is not a good way to spend a Halloween with the kids. 

In other words, this is not one of the best family outings for Halloween. Take your family to Thanksgiving or a pumpkin party instead. 

Remember that Halloween is celebrated in the fall, which is one of the best times to introduce your kids to the things that happen at the time of harvest, and hence you must not waste it. 

Halloween Events At Alexandria Va | Old Town Alexandria Halloween

Alexandria is known for its nightlife and with that, a whole set of spooky fun events that you can choose from in the season of Halloween. 

While you may be bombarded with a lot of advertisements on events centered around graveyards and tombs, there are also a lot of light-hearted events that you can enjoy with your family and kids, there is the Trick or Treat with its famous parade for kids, 

Apart from this, there are a lot of family-friendly and even dog-friendly festivals where you can include pets too in the season of Halloween. 

In the end, let’s say that the fall in Alexandria is beautiful, and there are a lot of events centered around it that you may not miss this feast.

Halloween Events Near Me Today

Halloween need not be all about horror and guests. This is the season that also provides a lot of fun to the kids, provided you know where to take them and go. 

That said, here are some events that you can consider this Halloween. Read on to find the place you want to take your kids to celebrate Halloween in your city.

New York

  • Pumpkin Picking
  • Boo at the Zoo
  • Trick or Treat With East Midtown
  • Mozart For Munchkins
  • Pumpkin Face Treats With the Creative Kitchen

New Jersey

  • Great Pumpkin Festival
  • Boo At the Boardwalk
  • Diggerfest Fall Festival
  • Cape May Boo At the Zoo
  • Storybook Land Trick Or Treat weekends


  • Hay Maze
  • Harvest Festival
  • Pumpkin Patch At Pinto’s Farm, South Dade
  • Miami Children’s Museum
  • Trick Or Treat Pinecrest


  • Descanso Gardens
  • Pumpkin In the Pines At Skypark Santa’s Village
  • Boo At The Zoo At America’s Teaching Zoo
  • Aquarium Of the Pacific

Now that you know the kind of events that are happening around you, go ahead and choose the ones you think would be best for your family and you. 

Halloween: How It All Began | Halloween Festival

Okay, now all that said, let us have a brief look at what Halloween is about and how it all originated. 

This is a festival that mainly takes its roots from the Celtic tradition, marked by bonfires and scary costumes which were believed to ward off ghosts and spirits. 

But of course, we need not believe that today, and can hence celebrate Halloween the more fun way instead of the gory way that could scare away children instead. 

It was later that the feast was Christianized with a prior date set to remember the saints who once lived on Earth, followed by the day on which to remember the souls. 

Finally, Halloween

To conclude, we can say that Halloween today need not always be about dressing up in spooky and scary costumes but can be enjoyed in a more fun and pleasant way. 

Celebrated at the time of harvest, this is the best time to have fun with pumpkins and other farm activities along with a feast of thanksgiving. 

Added to this are several musicals and church festivals held at this time and season that one would not want to miss. 

Doing all these gives more meaning to the term Halloween, making it a more beautiful and cherishable feast. 

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