Fireside Chat Ep. 106 – The Left Deprives People of Happiness


Dennis kicks off this week’s Fireside Chat asking: Is it okay if things bring you happiness? Why should we hate consumerism? He then discusses how the Left deprives people of happiness by encouraging them to believe that the past and the future is awful.

• Fireside Chat Ep. 84: "Get Yourself A Hobby!" –
• Don’t Be Deprived Of Happiness
• Struggling With Death
• Universal Basic Income
• Watch "No Safe Spaces" –

0:00 Thank You For The Otto Love
1:33 Dennis Is Testing A New Camera Lens
3:01 Is It OK If Things Bring Happiness?
4:57 What You Buy, You Vote For
6:55 Don’t Be Deprived Of Happiness
11:46 Dennis Hates Redundancy
12:40 Struggling With Death
15:20 What Could Help With Grief?
17:22 A Drawback To Being-Well Known
19:55 Dennis’s Favorite Word
22:05 Spouses Should Earn Love
24:57 Is Consent Of The Governed Still Alive?
26:10 Dennis On Universal Basic Income
27:59 Muslim Growth In European Countries
31:42 Watch No Safe Spaces

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