Fireside Chat Ep. 107 – On Kanye West and Taking Ownership


During this week’s Fireside Chat, Dennis drops a truth bomb that is rarely stated: The greatest problem in your life is YOU. Blaming society (i.e. sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.) for your problems is counterproductive. He continues with thoughts on Kanye West’s transformation, authenticity, and potential impact on culture.

0:00 Otto Is Up!
1:11 Truth Is Universal
2:10 When Dennis Went To Japan
3:30 The Greatest Problem In Your Life
6:12 Make Your Own Bed
7:33 Dennis Loves Coming To Colleges
9:10 Dennis’s Thoughts On Kanye West
10:38 Store Keeper’s Law
10:56 Kanye’s Potential Cultural Impact
16:00 Dennis Helps Set Up A Date
18:24 To Middle School Conservatives
20:10 Advice To New Fathers
21:16 How To Instill Good Character In Kids
21:51 Children And Social Media
24:42 Has Dennis Ever Changed His Mind?
26:11 When Dennis Visited Death Row
31:30 Thanks For Watching

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