Fireside Chat Ep. 110 – If You’re Not Grateful You’re Not Happy


This week’s Fireside Chat is all about Dennis’s specialty: Gratitude. You cannot be a happy or good person without being grateful. Our society cultivates ungratefulness, which only leads to swaths of unhappy people and disastrous consequences.

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:00 Welcome To The Fireside Chat
0:49 This Episode Is Sponsored By CCU
2:06 Wisdom Is Universally Applicable
3:43 Otto Is Not Stuffed
4:17 Give Thanks This Thanksgiving
5:03 The Cultivation Of Ingratitude
6:48 Dennis’s Uber Driver From Mauritania
10:21 You Cannot Be Happy And Ungrateful
11:14 Dennis Is Not A “Foodie”
13:38 Confusing Gender Laws In California
16:04 Feminist Groups Use Women
17:30 How To Treat Leftists With Grace
18:50 Otto Is Outta Here
19:15 Liberals Won’t Confront The Left
19:45 Communism In Bulgaria
23:39 Dennis’s Views On Jealousy
25:32 Dealing With Trans Pronouns
28:27 Getting Rid Of Grades
30:41 The Search For Extraterrestrial Life
33:39 Great To Be With You

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