Fireside Chat Ep. 119 — You Are Luckier Than You Think


Young Americans have been taught to feel unlucky and oppressed, despite living in the freest and most prosperous country on Earth. This is a very damaging concept from the left. Although there are challenges in life, it’s important to be grateful. Dennis Prager discusses why.

0:00 Dennis Is In A Chipper Mood
1:02 Fireside Chats Are Universal
2:03 Know When You’re Lucky
2:45 If You’re Happy, You Don’t Vote Left
4:44 How Many Times Do You Feel Lucky?
5:39 Canceled Flights And Flat Tires
8:17 Dennis’s Drug (Aka Audio) Dealer
9:06 Everybody Is Wounded In Some Way
10:22 Dennis’s Love Of Audio Equipment
15:14 How To Feel Less Inferior In Life
18:40 Thoughts On Conspiracy Theories
20:27 Do Jews Believe In An Afterlife?
22:42 How Does Dennis Keep A Calm Nature?
24:33 Dennis Was Horrible At Basketball
27:00 Knowing There Is A God Is Calming
30:24 Thanks For Being With Me

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