Fireside Chat Ep. 121 — Stronger America, Better World


Should the U.S. military be the world’s strongest? A Pew Research study says “55% of Democrats under age 30 say it would be acceptable if other nations became as militarily powerful as the U.S.” It’s an incredible position to hold, considering the reality. Dennis Prager explains how young people have been so misled in this latest Fireside Chat!

0:00 Welcome To My Home
0:53 Macro Vs. Micro
1:22 Pew Research Study
2:30 America Is The Last Best Hope
4:36 The Left’s Impact On Young Minds
6:10 Why The U.S. Should Be The Strongest
7:49 What Country Should Be Stronger?
10:00 Best Way To Debate Abortion
11:40 The Abortion Question To Ask
15:07 Mothers Should Get Full Disclosure
16:07 Truth Is Not A Left-Wing Value
17:30 Anti-Hysteria, Not Anti-Science
20:00 Dating At Fifteen Years Old
21:44 Characteristics Of A Good Leader
24:55 Getting Through Darker Times
26:56 What Do You Believe In?

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