Fireside Chat Ep. 127 — Good Things to Do in Tough Times


Are we taking reasonable measures to fight the coronavirus? Could destroying our economy, livelihoods, and businesses cause more damage than the illness? Dennis answers some tough questions and offers productive things to do during this difficult time.

This episode is based on Dennis’s column:

0:00 Stuck At Home
0:56 The Dedication To Fireside Chat
2:24 Opening With A Video Question
2:55 Have Perspective On Corona Deaths
5:02 We Can’t Crush Economies
6:20 You Can’t Base Policy On One Life
8:03 Will We Become Italy?
9:33 Watch Less News
12:34 Decide To Be Happy
13:35 Use The Time Wisely
14:46 Dennis Watched A Bond Movie
15:47 You Control How You React
16:46 Stay In Contact With Those Alone
18:17 Watch PragerU With Your Kids
19:29 Order Meals From Local Restaurants
20:31 Don’t Only Use Amazon
22:40 Don’t Go To Food, Get Out And Walk
24:21 This, Too, shall pass
26:50 Is It Better Safe Than Sorry?

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