Fireside Chat Ep. 128 — The Overlooked Victims of Quarantine


The big topic no one’s talking about: Who are the most vulnerable to the social and economic devastation of coronavirus quarantine? It’s probably not the group you suspect. Dennis also replies to some arguments made: memes, tweets, and direct disagreements. Enjoy.

0:00 Welcome To My Home
1:13 All To Save One Life?
3:22 Otto Had Enough
3:56 Should We Lower All Speed Limits?
4:51 Dennis Responds To Comments
6:04 The Sad Reality Of The Quarantine
9:03 Dennis Reads A Dr. Fauci Article
10:59 Sweden Is Not Quarantining
12:50 Why Don’t We Lockdown For The Flu?
13:50 Trump Was Mocked For Potential Cure
14:34 Dennis Reacts To Memes And Tweets
15:42 Economic Concern Is Not For The Rich
19:01 Another Tweet Reaction
20:10 Forcing Church Closures
21:55 In A Free Society, We Allow Risk-Taking
23:33 Will This Be The New Norm?
24:38 India’s Quarantine And Starving People
25:40 Do We Hold China Responsible?
27:02 Infringement Of Our Rights?
27:25 Science Is A Religion Of The Left
33:27 Make This Time At Home Meaningful

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