Fireside Chat Ep. 129 — Morality: Does It Come From Science or God?


Can you guess which topics elicit the most mockery? God, religion, and morality. In the absence of a rational argument, mockery takes it place. Dennis responds to those comments and asks whether science is able to offer answers to life’s greatest questions: knowing right from wrong and good from evil. Enjoy!

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5-Minute Video Discussed:

0:00 Dennis’s Daily Radio Show
0:54 Sponsored by T.W. Lewis Foundation
2:18 Addressing Criticism On Last Fireside
3:17 The Most Mocked PragerU Subject
6:00 How Do You Know Murder Is Wrong?
7:48 Mockery Is Not Persuasive
8:33 Scientists Are Still Human
9:20 What Science Doesn’t Answer
12:20 Dennis Responds: Upset Comment 1
14:36 Dennis Responds: Upset Comment 2
16:53 Listen To Scientists About Science
18:15 Dropping The Atom Bomb
19:31 Dennis Responds: Upset Comment 3
20:25 The Result Of Poor Education
22:00 The American Divide
23:41 Secular Conservatives Must Know This
25:13 Importance Of Knowing History
28:50 How To Become Successful
29:38 Important Concepts To Be Heard

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