Fireside Chat Ep. 131 — The Question Adults Should Ask


Is adulthood defined by age? Not really. As soon as you understand the one question which applies to all decisions in life, congratulations: You have entered adulthood. Dennis explains this most interesting concept and asks & answers why hydroxychloroquine remains so controversial, even though it is saving lives. Enjoy!

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0:00 Dennis Is Not A Fan Of The Mask
2:23 When Do You Become An Adult?
4:25 Example Of Not Growing Up
7:29 How Do Women Define Masculinity?
9:38 The Most Important Adult Question
11:01 Everything Has A Price
12:12 No One Asks The Price Of Quarantine
13:27 Quarantining The Healthy
14:08 The Actual Price Being Paid
16:29 No Income Threat Across The World
19:14 Hydroxychloroquine: Why So Bad?
20:47 Many Successfully Treated Patients
23:23 Trump Hatred Exceeds Saving Lives
24:45 Arrogance In Dismissing This Solution
27:13 Courage Is The Rarest Good Trait
28:52 What If Most Deaths Were Not In NY?
31:00 Once There’s A Precedent…
32:35 Never Take Liberty For Granted

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