Fireside Chat Ep. 137 — The Issue Is Values, Not Systemic Racism


Do you let your race, gender, or orientation define you? If you are on the left, everything is perceived through the lens of identity politics. Systemic racism is not the real issue plaguing America—it is our opposing values system. Dennis Prager offers some refreshing insight into how to heal our broken nation.

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0:00 This Episode Is Sponsored By CCU
1:06 There Will Always Be Bad People
3:21 There’s Not Much Racism To Fight
4:25 Why Don’t Black Conservatives Agree?
6:10 “I See No Color” Is The Goal
9:06 Real Racists Think Race Is Important
10:18 Total Breakdown Of A Moral Standard
12:00 Blame Democrats For Loss Of Income
13:34 We Can Mourn Floyd & Condemn Theft
14:19 How To Teach Your Kids Not To Kill
15:40 Thou Shalt Not Steal… Unless Insured?
16:51 Black Firefighter’s Business Burned
17:14 Remember Protests Were Dangerous?
18:00 Do We Need To Reform The Police?
20:50 Where Is The Systemic Racism?
21:48 Better Answers Than Police Reform
23:48 Nazis Thought Race Was Important
25:26 Everyone Is Flawed

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