Fireside Chat Ep. 138 — Pay Attention: Your Freedom Is Fragile


Our society is rooted in freedom, yet "Freedom is never more than one generation away from distinction." We must conscientiously fight to preserve it amidst the destructive ideas of the left. This week, Dennis discusses how the protests are a sham based on the myth of systemic racism, and why defunding the police will do more harm to black communities.

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0:00 Our Unprecedented Crisis
1:00 Sponsored By T.W. Lewis Foundation
1:40 Protests And Covid-19 Hypocrisy
3:17 The Leftist’s Lack Of Meaning In Life
4:36 Creating Chaos
5:41 All These Protests Are Based On A Lie
7:55 Protests Are All Emotion, No Data
9:23 Care About Black Life? Keep The Police
10:42 What Does Equality Mean?
11:08 How To Rise Out Of Poverty
12:37 Freedom Is Fragile
13:18 White Privilege: What They Get Wrong
15:17 Dennis’s Privilege
16:30 Why Should We See Color First?
17:19 Societies Can Change Very Quickly
18:15 The Left Teaches To Reject Dialogue
19:31 Why Doesn’t The Right Use Violence?
21:44 An Easy Question To Ask In Life
22:54 The Best Interracial Relationships
24:33 Left/Right Divide In America
26:06 Betraying The Jewish People?
27:46 Fight To Keep America Free And Good

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