Fireside Chat Ep. 140 — Neither Blood nor Race Matters


Are blood relatives really the strongest/most important relationships? Many say yes, but think about this: family doesn’t have to be blood. Ultimately, the goal is to be color-blind/race-blind and blood-blind. Dennis explains.

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0:00 Otto Gets A Lot Of Love
0:33 This Episode Is Sponsored By Thinkr
1:50 Recent Topics About Current Events
3:16 Why Is Blood So Important?
5:39 The Love Of A Spouse
6:59 The Loss Of A Loved One
9:01 The Love For An Adopted Child
11:37 A Radio Caller On Blood Relatives
14:10 The Love For A Dog
14:53 What Does Blood Mean?
16:02 Blood-Blind And Color-Blind
17:13 140th Fireside Chat
17:45 Tribalism Is Taking Over
21:36 Unions And Not Firing “Bad Apples”
22:55 Humanity Making The Same Mistakes
24:46 Mass Snitching Across America
28:26 Ending Thoughts, Thanks For Watching

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