Fireside Chat Ep. 144 — Expect Chaos If You Defund the Police


The difference between police and no police is the difference between order and chaos. This week is PragerU’s #backtheblue campaign and Dennis asks: What does defunding the police actually mean? What is the likely result? Sadly, we don’t have to wonder.

Ride-Along mentioned:

0:00 Welcome To The Weekly Fireside Chat
1:00 PragerU’s Back The Blue Campaign
1:15 The Foolishness Of “Defund The Police”
3:10 Are There Bad Police?
4:59 Defund Police Equals Increase In Evil
7:29 No Fear Of The Police And Authority
9:12 The Loss Of Fear Of Our Teachers
11:15 Authority Is Not Authoritarian
12:50 Dennis Went On A Police Ride-Along
13:35 Moral Violence Vs. Immoral Violence
15:59 Every Society Needs Police
16:31 How Do We Bridge The Political Divide?
19:44 Advice For Law Enforcement
21:08 Some Thoughts On Melania Trump
22:02 How Do You Know Murder Is Wrong?
25:44 Relationship Advice By Dennis
29:14 Liars Go To Hell?
32:07 Dennis’s Book, Still The Best Hope

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