Fireside Chat Ep. 150 — Americans Chant "Death to America"


Dennis reflects on the state of our nation after hearing a crowd of American rioters chant “Death to America”. How did we get here?

Dennis’s column mentioned:

0:00 Joined With Otto And Snoopy
1:58 Mob Chanting “Death To America”
4:01 Gratitude For America Despite Flaws
7:53 A Great Country For All People
9:19 Black Racists And White Privilege
10:35 The Result Of Ingratitude
12:01 “Fundamentally Transforming America”
13:38 The Lockdown Is Now A Crime
17:11 Reason For The Lockdown Was A Lie
19:13 Chances Of Dying From Covid
21:24 When Free Speech Isn’t A Right
24:05 Are Facebook Debates Pointless?
26:02 Why Is Nazism Considered Right?
27:15 “Race Matters” Is A Racist Notion
29:29 Dennis Would Love To Debate A Leftist
30:06 America Is At Stake

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