Fireside Chat Ep. 156 — When Childish Worldviews Take Over


An outstanding conversation with Douglas Murray: How the left became so radical—the lack of debate, "anti-racism" training, corporate wokeness, critical race theory, and infantile thinking. Plus, some excellent advice for those afraid to speak their minds. Enjoy!

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0:00 Welcome Douglas Murray
1:41 Where does his courage come from?
5:43 Understanding the value of the left
8:22 Understanding true evil
14:20 When Dennis lived in England
15:56 The Intellectual Left: Where did they come from?
18:15 The lack of debate on the left
19:38 The left’s absurdity: Writing
21:35 The left’s absurdity: Music
24:36 The left’s absurdity: Corporate Wokeness
30:10 Not a real gay?
32:45 Speak out and risk your grade or career?
37:28 Creating racial tension that doesn’t exist
38:50 How the right should respond
41:00 To Have Happiness: Gratitude is key
45:12 To Have Happiness: Understanding true suffering
46:43 How to break down Critical Race Theory
51:07 Always ask: Compared to what?
52:22 Chaos in God-shaped holes
57:50 Thank you for joining this special episode

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