Fireside Chat Ep. 163 — Is Capitalism Evil?


Why do a growing number of Americans believe capitalism is greedy, selfish, even evil? Dennis reacts to misconceptions about free market capitalism and explains why it is the morally superior way of organizing economic behavior.

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0:00 Welcome Everybody: An Outtake
1:00 When Homes Have Bookshelves
3:00 Responding To Anti-Capitalism Tweets
4:17 Wealth Is A Basic Human Desire
7:57 Colonialism Was Not All Bad
14:21 Understand The Evils Of Communism
16:29 A Cultural Parallel To Communism
20:41 Why Is It Wrong To Work For A Profit?
22:14 The Left Doesn’t Want A Civil Discussion
25:22 Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?
27:49 Why Does Dennis Love Fountain Pens?
30:05 Fruit Cake Opinions (Continued)
31:16 Viewers All Over The World

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