Fireside Chat Ep. 182 — Clarity over Agreement


An 8-year-old sent Dennis some Fireside Chat fan mail, which is terrific but also raises a question: What makes Dennis’s Chats appreciated even by children? Dennis has been public speaking since his 20s, and he gives some advice on how to be an effective communicator.

Also: Why you must resist globalism, how to mend a broken heart, and the dangers of “equity.” Enjoy.

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0:00 Don’t Be Afraid To Try!
1:06 Fireside Fan Mail From An 8-Year-Old
2:35 Clarity Is Key To Understanding
6:11 Learn How To Be Interesting
7:35 A Snoopy Interruption
10:23 Globalism: Power Corrupts
16:22 Broken Hearts & Shock Absorbers
19:40 Promoting Stable Marriages
23:51 Equity Vs. Inequality
28:13 Otto’s Motto
28:50 It Depends

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