Fireside Chat Ep. 185 — Who Hates the Police?


Did you see these two viral videos? First, the student who was berated by his teacher for defending the police, then an absolutely terrible video of an abusive woman who was pulled over for using her phone. Why does the left HATE the police? Dennis Prager offers brilliant insight.

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0:00 Snoopy Stole The Bed
1:24 Woman Yelling “Murderer” At Police
5:36 What Are “White Values”?
7:54 Why Does The Left Hate The Police?
11:42 The Left’s Damage To The Police Force
13:27 Resisting Arrest Is A Death Sentence?
14:07 Hugh Hewitt Asks Another Question
16:07 The Root Problem Of The Left
19:44 Norway’s Economic System
23:31 The Great American Experiment
26:00 Same Values From Different Morals?
27:43 Reunited With Our Pets In Heaven?

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