Fireside Chat Ep 89 – America: The Greatest Nation on Earth


Happy 4th of July! This week’s Fireside Chat is all about America. The left wants to push the narrative that America is a racist nation, but the question is raised: If that is true, then why the need to make up racist hoaxes? Dennis also discusses Antifa and the lack of meaning in their lives. He continues on with your questions.

• Dennis’s Love For America, Article Referenced:

• America’s “Racist” Hoaxes
• Most Violent Crimes Are By Single Men
• Conservative Motto: Leave Us Alone
• Telling Children About Trans Family
• This Week’s Five-Minute Video Referenced:

0:00 This Is Really Dennis’s Home
1:21 Do You Like Your Space?
3:06 Dennis’s Pride In Otto
3:39 Happy 4th Of July!
5:30 Dennis’s Love For America
6:07 When Dennis Joined The Rotary Club
8:27 Honor People, Not Race
9:56 Amercia’s “Racist” Hoaxes
11:52 Jews Didn’t Need To Make Up Hoaxes
13:30 Most Violent Crimes Are By Single Men
15:44 When Bad Is Called Good
16:14 The Sounds Of Otto
17:00 Ignorance Is Calling America Bad
18:44 Conservative Motto: Leave Us Alone
20:17 America Has Racism, But Is Not Racist
23:12 Sharing Politics With Leftist Friends
26:47 Telling Children About Trans Family
30:00 Doctor Who Pioneered Trans Surgery
31:01 Transition Surgery Regret
32:35 Name-Calling Isn’t Addressing Issues
33:00 Don’t Forget Weekly PragerU Videos

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