Fireside Chat Ep. 91 – Dennis Testifies Before the Senate


This week Dennis talks about his Senate Judiciary hearing testimony on Big Tech censorship on behalf of PragerU. Why has Google/YouTube placed so many PragerU videos on its restricted list? A Google representative gives a baffling, comedic answer.

Watch our video on The Ten Commandments and see how “dangerous” it is:

• Google rep on restricting PragerU’s “The Ten Commandments” video:
• Entire U.S. Senate Hearing:
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0:00 Dennis Testified In Front Of Senate
1:04 Google’s Censorship of PragerU Videos
2:42 Google Rep On Restricting PragerU
5:19 Is Dennis Prager A Nazi?
6:23 Google Rep Lied Under Oath
7:22 Video Restricted For Showing Swastika
9:56 Otto Busts Into Fireside Chat
10:31 The Left Has Always Opposed Liberty
12:31 Dennis’s Important Testimony
13:13 Support Freedom, Support PragerU
13:52 Leaving YouTube Isn’t The Answer
16:05 The Three Types Of Good People
16:51 When You Google: PragerU Is…
18:27 PragerU Lies? Back Up Your Statement!
19:02 Is It OK To Tell Your SO To Lose Weight?
21:54 When Family Thinks America Is Racist
24:26 Deciding To Have No Children
26:17 From My Home To Yours

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