Fireside Chat Ep. 98 – Does Poverty Cause Crime?


Does poverty cause crime? Dennis explains why this claim is untrue and the reason oppression cannot be a valid excuse for criminal activity.

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0:00 Does Anyone Hate Their Pet?
1:22 Fireside Chats Are Always Relevant
2:17 This Episode Is Sponsored By CCU
3:28 Does Poverty Cause Crime?
6:27 Always Ask: Does That Make Sense?
7:27 Dennis’s Grandparents Were Very Poor
9:50 Values Problem, Not Financial Problem
11:00 Oppression Does Not Make Bad People
14:52 Crime Causes Poverty
17:16 Dennis Is Always Excited, Never Jaded
18:10 Good Dictatorship Vs. Bad Democracy
20:09 People Don’t Value Liberty
20:37 Dennis Is Not Optimistic For China
21:21 Voting In Free Money
23:48 Parents Should Feed Their Own Kids
25:30 Does Dennis Have Irrational Opinions?
27:42 Pulling Yourself Out Of A Rut
31:07 Has Dennis Read The Quran?
32:44 Why Isn’t Dennis A Muslim
34:16 What’s Coming Up For Dennis?

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