Flat Earth Karate


Atheism is the cancer of thought. The Big Bang was the invention of atheists. It’s the runaway brain devoid of deep breathing and guts. Atheism is a swollen head in a jar. Faith is the function of intestine and lung. Our lungs collapse on the belief they will fill again. Faith shoots a three-point shot from half court as the final seconds dissolve. As the bumpy orange ball hurls through space into a ring of metal, the receptors in the brains of both teams are preparing for its outcome. Half of the player will be rewarded with dopamine, the other half will be placed under its restriction. The memory of the game will always give the victors a bump. There is no such thing as mind control of thoughts. Mind control is the restriction and cessation of chemical lollipops. We are all suckers. We have been rewarded with regurgitation from the time we were young. In a classroom, with a globe, we repeat the fantasy as fast as we can. The pop quiz is Pavlovian. Our mouth waters at the rank of letters augmented with a plus or minus. F is for failure. A is for Applause. We gain victory in school, not wisdom. That’s why tests have one of four answers. Like rats choosing water over cocaine, the natural mind will eventually find the truth. Flat Earth is the pose of seeking wisdom in the dojo. I am not here to tell you the shape of your world.

What happens to the spirit when it hangs on words? NASA’s words dangle us from cliffs as asteroids careen through space to kill us. Flat earth is a stance of protection. It’s a technique to attack dissonance and lies. Flat earthers know everything they’ve been taught by compulsory education is a constriction of truth. Propaganda is a trance installed by a school bells and rectangular pizza.

A good defense is never a distraction. Flat earth melts lies like a plasma cutter. Some may call me insightful. When they do I am reminded this is a new phenomenon. I adjusted my stance in the dojo when I got tired of getting punched. Globe earth is globalism, special relativity, Godless vacuum, and NASA. All globe earth has in its corner is ridicule and majority.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain an idea without endorsing it.” – Aristotle

Flat earth is an antibiotic. It creeps into your system and obliterates all bacteria – good or bad. You are left with nothing to lean on except your direct experience. Flat earth is difficult. You have to rebuild your world from scratch and burn calories every day to keep it alive. You are surrounded by people who want you to quit. Your stance makes their own feel uncomfortable.

Practice flat earth like a posture. Fill your cup from the inside rather than the outside. No one can tell you the earth is flat. Globalism is too powerful. It requires something even more powerful to defeat it. That power is the core of who you are. Globalism is a lie. You are the only real thing you know.

It’s impossible to believe in evolution when you stand on a flat earth. Your feet are on the solid ground of an electric universe. You are the completion of a circuit. You are the antithesis of a cosmic accident. You are not a scum’s fornication. You are the divine spark. Flat earth places the assemblage point back inside the body. The assemblage point is one’s center of awareness. We approach the world from a point like a needle on a record. Globalism keeps your needle above aluminum clouds. Under globalism, none of this place is on purpose. With globalism, we are dinosaurs of the future and the earth is lucky to survive our cancer. Globalism is the hatred of self and God. That’s why globalists fight flat earth with ridicule. Globalists are lonely inside their bodies. They need the comforting drones of other’s opinions to fill the gap where a needle once stood. Globalism is the welcome to the machine.

Slavery was rampant in Rome. It was a way of life. Slavery is training wheels for the sovereignty of thought. As man evolves, he sheds the desire to be controlled. Slavery comes naturally to all of us. It’s how we learn to walk. The purpose of life is the transmutation of slave to sovereign. This is why we are born so dependent. We are skin, bones, and the resolution of spirit in time. Even today, many prefer the slavery of the mind. Slavery is a childhood for grown-ups. No one will be rewarded for flat earth. The hits and pats add up to a net loss. We are trapped on insanity island waiting for a plane to tell the boss. Flat earth changes that. The belly turns to rock from the ridicule and training. The gut grows an armor thicker than thieves who try to steal it. Flat earth is you, alone on a mountain, peering over a curve that never existed.

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