Former MSNBC Reporter Spills Details On Pro-Establishment Bias In Media


The institution of the old media, which likes to refer to itself as the “Fourth Estate” has a fairly narrow agenda. Bernie thinks he get’s a hard time. Well, many would argue that others get a worse shake.

In fairness we need to mention that this reporter, Krystal Ball, once argued that the pigs in Animal Farm were “capitalists”. So with that said.


The Hill’s Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjati aired a segment on their online show Rising which is as damning an exposé on the dynamics of mass media empire propaganda as we are ever likely to witness. With startling frankness and honesty, the pair disclose their experience with the way anyone who is critical of the establishment consensus is excluded from mainstream media platforms, as well as the way access journalism, financial incentives, prestige incentives and peer pressure are used to herd mainstream reporters into toeing the establishment line once they’re in.


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