Fully Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated—Part 4

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman, Children’s Health Defense


Fully Vaccinated Versus Unvaccinated—The Science is an on-going series summarizing the results of different studies comparing the health of fully vaccinated people versus unvaccinated people. Part four takes a look at H1N1 Influenza, Tdap,  Rotavirus, Measles and DPT vaccines and the higher rates/occurrences of  Narcolepsy, Chorioamnionitis, Intussusception, Allergy and Asthma, plus Thimerosal exposure as a whole and its relationship to Motor Tics and Premature Puberty.

Titles of Vaxxed/Unvaxxed Slides Below:

  • H1N1 Influenza Vaccine (Pandemrix) Increases Rate of Narcolepsy in Swedish Children by 25X;
  • Risk of Chorioamnionitis in Pregnant Women Vaccinated with Tdap Versus Pregnant Women Not Vaccinated with Tdap;
  • First Dose of Rotavirus Vaccine (Rotarix) Increases Intussusception Odds by 5.8X;
  • Measles Vaccination Versus Measles Infection Increases the Odds of Atopy (Allergy) by 2.8X;
  • Higher Exposure to Thimerosal from Infant Vaccines Increases the Odds of Motor Tics (2.19X) in Boys;
  • Delaying the First Three DPT Doses Reduces Asthma Risk by 61%;
  • Exposure to Higher Levels of Thimerosal in Infant Vaccines Before 13 Months of Age Increases the Rate of Premature Puberty by 6.45X;

(See full-sized Part 4 slides or see the complete Vaxxed-Unvaxxed presentation.)

[Note: Part One of the Vaxxed-Unvaxxed slide series examined studies on HepB, DTP, Tetanus and Flu vaccine and subsequent increased rates of Autism, Neurodevelopmental, Speech and Sleep disorders, Mortality, Special Education/Learning Disabilities, and Allergies. Part Two added the summaries of studies on Polio, MMR, HepB, and HPV vaccines and their affects on the increases in Diabetes, Autism, Asthma, Premature Puberty, Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Part Three of the Vaxxed-Unvaxxed series takes a look at Thimerosal-containing HepB, H1N1 Influenza, and HPV vaccines and higher rates/occurrences of ADHD, Autism, Miscarriages, Bell’s Palsy, Celiac and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Memory Impairment.]

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