Game-Changing Ballot Initiatives in the Works


Another California law has been ruled unconstitutional. With AB 32, Newsom and the Legislature tried to force ICE to close its detention facilities. Today the 9th Circuit held this violates the Supremacy Clause.

Next year, Newsom and the legislators who passed this law will face voters. Perhaps more importantly, several transformative initiatives will be on the ballot. 

The full list of initiatives soon gathering signatures for the 2022 election includes:

  • School Choice. Let funding follow the child 
  • Water Storage. End the era of shorter showers
  • Death Tax Repeal. Restore a protection of Prop. 13
  • Election Integrity. Require voter ID
  • Taxpayer Protection. Require voter approval for tax increases
  • Anti-Corruption. End government union collective bargaining
  • Accurate Ballots. Assure accurate descriptions of Propositions

Our movement is creating a new landscape of political possibility, and the fight for California’s future has only just begun.

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